VIR Alles in 1 Tabs

VIR Alles in 1 Tabs has a formula with maximum washing power against fats and dried food residues on dishes. Its powerful ingredients would easily remove hard stains and ensure sparkling cleanness for your dishes and utensils. Its unique formula perfectly integrates the following functions:

• Washing detergent
• Soaking function
• Salt function
• Rinsing function
• Prevents lime buildup
• Protects stainless steel utensils
• Removes tea spots
• Powerful effect against fats

VIR Alles in 1 Tabs ensure thorough cleanness and crystal shine even when using insufficient amount of salt and rinsing detergent!

Packaging and dosing
14 pcs | 28 pcs in a pack
1 tab for 1 wash

Technical information:
14 pcs in a box – 6 boxes per cаrton
28 pcs in a box – 5 boxes per cаrton

Suitable for:
• dishwashers