VIR Antibakterielles Handgel

Fast and easy way of maintaining the perfect hygiene of your hands wherever you may be – in the office, on your way to somewhere, in the children playground, in the bus, with your pet, in healthcare and public buildings. The compact antibacterial hand gel VIR MEXON kills 99.9% of all known germs by cleaning and disinfecting in just a few seconds – no need to use water and soap. With refreshing aroma and additives to moisture your skin so that you could feel clean and assured at every place you may be.

Packing and dosing:
Apply 3ml of the gel on clean and dry hands by rubbing vigorously for about 60 seconds.

Technical information:
18 pcs per cаrton

Suitable for:
• direct external use to disinfect hands

Our advice:
Use the biocide in a safe way. Before use, read carefully the biocide label and safety data.