VIR COLOR Luxus Parfüm

Enjoy the concentrated liquid laundry detergent for color fabrics VIR COLOR Luxus Parfüm – with innovative 4 Action System that features 4 actions for perfect wash: 1. perfectly wash stains thanks to its enzyme complex, 2. keeps fabric colors bright, 3. eliminates bad odors of food, perspiration, cigarettes, pets, etc. and 4. leaves pleasant scent.
VIR COLOR Luxus Parfüm is with enchanting perfume fragrance to fill up colored fabrics with luxury sense and long-lasting scent!

1.1L = 20 washes | 2.2L = 40 washes

Technical information:
1.1L – 8 pcs per cаrton | 2.2L – 5 pcs per carton

Suitable for:
• color fabrics
• synthetic fabrics
• cotton fabrics
• linen fabrics