VIR Parkett & Laminat Blumen

VIR Parkett & Laminat Blumen Parquet and laminate floors are some of the most demanding surfaces in your home. Now we offer you a unique solution especially for them – VIR Parkett & Laminat Blumen with fresh floral scent. It is suitable for lacquered wooden and laminated floors. Cleaning is fast and easy leaving no streaks. A special ingredient cares for the surfaces and joints protecting them from moisture by forming a protective film.

Packing and dosing:
Dissolve ½ to 1 cap (18-36ml) of the detergent in 5L of water

Technical information:
6 pcs per cаrton

Suitable for:
• lacquered wooden floors and laminated parquets
• countertops, floors of wooden planks, wooden doors, skirting boards, etc.