VIR Standard Tabs

VIR Standard Tabs are universal solution with double action – they clean hard-to-remove stains from dishes and leave them sparklingly shine. Their formula includes active ingredients that perfectly remove stubborn stains of food and beverages. The strong detergent combined with the powerful soaking function guarantee the cleanness and shine of your dishes and utensils. For best results use VIR Standard Tabs in combination with dishwasher salt VIR Spezial Salz and rinsing detergent VIR Klarspüler!

Packaging and dosing

19 pcs | 38 pcs in a pack
1 tab for 1 wash

Technical information:
19 pcs in a box – 6 boxes per cаrton
38 pcs in a box – 5 boxes per cаrton

Suitable for:
• dishwashers